Thanksgiving Memories

Hey Mamas… 

We here at Simply Toofers know the reason you “do” for your families is because you just love-them-so-much, and we feel exactly the same way about our families.

Because we love our family so much, and in the spirit of the holidays and spending time with family, we wanted to introduce you to the matriarch of OUR family.  We managed to corner/con/convince our oh-so-favorite MEMA (that’s our forever name for our maternal grandma) into being our most special of special guests today.  We are SO blessed to be close to her and to have children who know her and love her, too.  She spent many years as a music and kindergarten teacher, she was an accomplished pianist who even now shares her love of piano with my children (bless her for her patience with them), and she served in the role as pastor’s wife at my grandpa’s church in southern Indiana for the entirety of my childhood.  She currently lives in the neighborhood right next to me, and I glean bits of wisdom from her every time we chat. Can you tell that we just LOVE her??

In honor of Thanksgiving tomorrow, we asked her to do a little reminiscing about the day that is HER favorite holiday.  Even as I write this, I realize that she is probably the source of my own love of Thanksgiving.  Is it nature or nurture??  We’ll never know, but I’m glad to have that in common with her.  So without further ado, because I know she’d be embarrassed if I gave her this much fanfare in real life, here’s a little window into what our own celebrations of Thanksgiving were and are like. 


For clarification, I’ve added a few extra and, obviously, very necessary details in parentheses into her recollections. ;)


Hi! I’m Mema, and these three lovely ladies of Simply Toofers are my (most favorite) granddaughters.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  These ladies and their siblings and parents, along with aunts, uncles, and many cousins (there are 23 grandchildren, in total, so she’s right about there being “many”) have spent many Thanksgivings celebrating together at Mema and Papa’s house. 
Excitement was always in the air when they all began to arrive.  Family was coming together for several days, and much fun and festivity would take place.  Family together, special food that is only fixed once a year, a weekend of football, snipe hunting with the younger cousins (also, they took my husband snipe hunting when he came to meet the family for the first time—bless his heart…), and possibly a new tree fort started in the woods were all part of the annual tradition.  But most importantly, it was an elevated day spent thanking our precious Lord and Savior for His abounding love and grace.         
Over the years thanksgiving day traditions changed.  The family grew in numbers (imagine 23 cousins with spouses and children now), new trimmings to go along with the turkey were added, no more tree forts were built, no more little cousins were rough-and-tumbling around the house.  Because the family had grown so in number, no longer was everyone able to gather together in one location.  Each family began to have their own gathering.  And this year, with Covid, we will have even smaller gatherings. Each family is doing what is comfortable for them.  But some things will never change—we’ll still be spending the day in thankfulness for the love and importance of family and the love and grace that is poured out upon us by our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.                                   
Happy thanksgiving to you, however you are celebrating this year, and may your day be blessed.



Agreed.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all...  We are thankful for you!


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