Rose Pink Suction Plate - Simply Toofers
Rose Pink Suction Plate - Simply Toofers
Rose Pink Suction Plate - Simply Toofers
Rose Pink Suction Plate - Simply Toofers
Rose Pink Suction Plate - Simply Toofers

Rose Pink Suction Plate

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Y’all… We get it. Helping your child develop is a full time job!  Why not start with a proper plate to help out that baby led weaning process?  You and your LO will love these lightweight but sturdy 100% food grade silicone plates. Our range of boy, girl, and gender neutral colors makes mealtime easy and fun! 

You’ll love that our plates have high sides and divisions to help your little one develop that oh-so-important pincer grasp.  Three individual sections reminds you to keep their portion sizes toddler sized and to offer a variety of healthy foods for their growing bodies at feeding time. And the dividers are a great way to appease your picky toddler who doesn’t want their foods to mingle.

Our magic suction on the bottom keeps the plate firmly on the high chair tray or any other flat surface.  We all know it’s easier to clean up when their plate doesn’t hit the floor or wall!

Our stain-resistant silicone makes the post-mealtime frenzy a breeze.  Throw these dishwasher friendly plates in the top rack of your dishwasher and run it!  Or simply rinse with soapy water.  It’s go time Mama!!  Get your plate today and pat yourself on the back for making meal time awesome! 

Some Science for safety: Our dishes are tested in third party labs to make sure the composition is safe for your precious LO.  All plates are made from food-grade silicone, they are BPA and phthalate free. That means no harsh chemicals mixing with your baby’s food… We want nothing but the best for our kids, too, so rest easy!

Grab a set of these plates for your house, the babysitter’s house, your diaper bag (no parent wants to see a plate flying at a restaurant), and the grandparents’ houses.  You’ll want one everywhere you go!  

Pro Tip:  We personally think these plates are cute and stylish enough for that perfect picnic basket or even outdoor appetizers with other grownups.  Watch out Instagram! You are one chic mama!

Speaking of chic, don’t forget to check out our matching feeding and teething accessories!  Rock on, Mama.  How are you always in the know?!

What you want to know:

  • Rose Pink (a fave middle color between red and pink), 8 inch plate with 2 - 3.5" at a diagonal sections and 1 - 7.5" larger section
  • Sturdy suction bottom helps keep the plate on the high chair, not the floor!  We can’t promise you they’ll love their peas, but we can promise their plate won’t go flying if they don’t.
  • Perfect plate for baby led weaning! Our dividers help your little one develop their pincer grasp during mealtime and our deep sides let you give them a variety of foods
  • Clean-up is a breeze! These stain and bacteria resistant plates are top rack dishwasher safe.
  • Sustainable 100% food grade silicone is BPA and phthalate free and microwave safe, too!
  • Easy on the eyes, our modern, gender neutral colors make dinner time the perfect photo-op!