Rose Silicone Bib - Simply Toofers
Rose Silicone Bib - Simply Toofers
Rose Silicone Bib - Simply Toofers
Rose Silicone Bib - Simply Toofers
Rose Silicone Bib - Simply Toofers

Rose Silicone Bib

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  • Y’all… We get it. Babies are so cute but so gross when they are learning how to eat!  Keep your Little One comfy and as clean as they can be with our colorful, chic and stylish collection of bibs. And trust us, one is not enough! :) Get a few for your diaper bags, your kitchen and Nana’s house! You’ll want them everywhere you go!
  • Some Science for safety: All bibs are made from food-grade silicone, they are BPA and phthalate free. That means, no harsh chemicals on your baby’s skin… what a relief!
  • Every rounded corner is comfy! A Simply Toofers bib, with our rounded, built-in neck buttons, fit perfectly for a for a snug yet comfortable fit.  Your LO won’t even know they are wearing it! Watch them be able to focus on learning how to eat instead of uncomfortable neckwear! The deep pocket in front will catch any food dropped keeping your floor and baby clean!  No more finding those banana slices in your LO’s diaper that they were obviously saving for later!  Catch the mess!
  • Cleaning made easy!  You won’t find any cloth here! Waterproof silicone only! Just a few wipes and your bib is squeaky clean. Because it’s waterproof, It can be dried and ready for the next meal within seconds.  It’s Go time Mama!!  Get your bib today and pat yourself on the back for making meal time awesome!
  • Great for Baby Lead Weaning.  These BLW bibs are light weight and sturdy.  Your LO’s arms and hands can easily navigate around the bibs to be able to reach their plate.  Speaking of plates, make sure and check out our matching feeding and teething accessories! Our Mustard, Sage and Nude have matching plates! 
  • Our bibs are awesome!  You are awesome!  It’s a perfect pair!