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The Carol

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Want to know one of the slowest moments in time?  It's the fall of the pacifier from your LO's mouth to the nasty ground.  It's falling, your frozen and there isn't a way to clean it for miles... Let's not let that happen again!  Check out our pacifier clips!  Not only are you safe from that drama, you'll feel like the BA mum you are being prepared for anything.  You go mama!

Not only does it clip and easily stay in place, it's design is also great for teething! This Marble and Blue Silicone and Wooden bead pacifier clip is a dream for your sweet babe.  The honeycomb wooden bead helps teeth break through as your LO bites down while the silicone beads soothe and comfort.  Attach your pacifier to the end of the clip and watch as it helps your LO's hand to mouth coordination!

This all toxin free teether is not only safe for baby but adorable in their tiny hands.  Your LO is sure to enjoy it and you can rest at easy knowing they aren't chewing on plastic toys containing chemicals and toxins!!

It's the perfect present topper for and baby shower gift or for that special momma that needs their baby to have a distraction!! SIMPLE + NATURAL = THAT'S ALL THEY WANT AND NEED!

ALL SHOP MATERIALS INCLUDE: The best food grade silicone beads combined with Natural wood beads, splinter free. Size is 8" in length - great for baby to hold in one hand.

* FOOD-GRADE silicone made especially for baby accessories.
* Scent and taste free.
* FDA Approved.
* Lead FREE
* 100% NON-TOXIC
* Mercury FREE

****** Clean with soapy water and air dry ******